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Georgia has opened a new tourist attraction for 1 july!    /     2020-05-20

Georgia has begun a new round of tourism, with a stance on the issue of foreign peace, which has led to a spate of shootings after coronavirus pandemics. The Prime Minister of Georgia, Georgia Georgi Gakharia, convened a meeting of the General Assembly on this occasion.

He also announced that he would be on the verge of becoming a foreign tourist service on the 15th of January, and that Georgia had been receiving international visas for two weeks.

"We decided to create a harmless corridor on the dry border with our neighboring sides and a harmless corridor with two double-column towers with sides, which are very interesting for us tourists." Эtî perepeyы уже начались. "We are under attack, because we will achieve these goals, and Georgia will become a foreign country once again, which will reveal its borders and its infrastructure for it, which will receive guests from foreign countries," Gakhariya said.

He added that in order to do so, they have to work for a new tourist destination, in the course of the local government, and they will continue to do better work. From time immemorial, the prime minister has pointed out that the government is planning to help with all kinds of tourism.

The head of the judiciary also spoke about the fact that the Georgian government has strongly adjusted its guest industry under the necessary quarantine, since I first entered the sphere of standard health food. Gahari is convinced that the fact that they are helping the tourists reflects on the establishment, and at the same time they guarantee the safety of all the refugees, we will return to the country.

Georgia's coronavirus has closed its borders on March 18 in a pre-emptive strike. On March 21, on the territory of the foreign countries, an internal examination was conducted. It is assumed that the CP regime will be changed on May 22.