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NEW YEAR VACATIONS IN THE CAUCASUS (8 days / 7 nights) / Price - От 665 $


Tour Date: December 30, 2019

12/30. 1 day. Meeting at the Tbilisi airport.

Meeting at the Airport (nameplate GEOMANDARIN), transfer to the hotel.

Walking tour of Tbilisi and Mtskheta.

At different times, the capital of Georgia was either in Tbilisi or in Mtskheta. You can’t know the country if you do not visit these places.

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, which has absorbed so many eras and cultures that even local residents don’t know all the mysteries and secrets that keep the labyrinths of this warm and beautiful city. Beautiful carved balconies, unique ceremonial, famous Tbilisi courtyards, this is all that the city is famous for.

"A few years ago,

Where, merging, they make noise

Hugging like two sisters

Jets of Aragva and Hens,

There was a monastery "

These famous lines are written by M.Yu. Lermantov about the cross monastery - Jvari, our first stop. Jvari is a christian monastery of the 7th century.

Then we will go to Mtskheta, the ancient capital of Georgia and visit the Svetitskhoveli temple, where by giving there are many Orthodox values, such as the tunic of Christ, the mantle of Elijah the Prophet, the heel of St. Andrew the First-Called.

12/31/2 Day. New Year.

New Year's dinner with a festive program in one of the restaurants in Tbilisi.

1.01.3 day. Free day.

2.01.4 Day. Borjomi - Bakuriani.


Today we are heading south of Georgia. Our first stop will be the famous balneological resort - Borjomi. Borjomi is a resort in the center of Georgia, famous throughout the former Soviet Union for its sources of healing mineral water. The name of the city has two Georgian roots: “Borzh” - “fortress, wall” and “Omi” - “war, battle”. In ancient times, the city of Borjomi was a natural fortress, the walls of which served as the mountains of the Caucasus. We will visit the famous Borjomi park with you and try the water from the Ekaterinensky spring.

After visiting Borjomi, we will visit the Bakuriani ski resort, where you will have free time for skiing or exploring the surroundings from the cable car.

03.01.5 day. Transfer to the border with Armenia - Dilijan (Haghartsin) - Lake Sevan - Yerevan

Breakfast. Transfer to the border with Armenia. Meeting at the border. A trip to the mountain resort of Dilijan. It is located high in the mountains (1200-1500m), covered with virgin pine forests. Walk in the old district of Dilijan. The architecture of Dilijan is interesting for its lighter and more airy style using wood in the structures and facades of houses. Of interest is Sharambeyan street, located in the historic district of old Dilijan with many restored workshops of local artisans, which recreates the spirit of the old city of the XIX century. Inspection of the monastery complex of Haghartsin (XIII century.). Haghartsin is the most secluded and cut off from the outside world monastery, which includes a group of monastery buildings that are closely adjacent to each other. Suddenly arising among the dense trees, the monastery creates a fabulous impression of a lost world. The group of monastery buildings includes - the church of St. Stepanos, St. Mariam Astvatsatsin and the church of St. Gregory the Illuminator, as well as the famous refectory. A trip to the highland lake Sevan - one of the wonders of Armenia. This dazzling blue lake is located high in the mountains. Cold and majestic, it is fraught with inexplicable beauty. No wonder many artists choose Sevan as the object of their art. Continuation to Yerevan.

Overnight in Yerevan

01.01. 6 day. Sightseeing tour of Yerevan - Sergey Parajanov Museum

Breakfast at the hotel. Sightseeing tour of Yerevan, ancient (29 years older than Rome) and at the same time a modern city. Today, Yerevan is a large and beautiful city with amazing color against the backdrop of the majestic biblical Mount Ararat, sparkling with its snow-capped peaks. A city tour includes the City Center, Republic Square, Monument with a panorama of the city, Northern Avenue, Swan Lake, the Opera and Ballet Building. Visit to the Cascade complex. In the complex itself is the center of art Gafeschyan. The artistic environment, beautiful surroundings, panoramic views of the city, and with clear weather a beautiful view of Mount Ararat, make an unforgettable impression. Walk around the open Christmas market on Northern Avenue. A visit to the museum of Sergei Parajanov.

01/05. 7 day. Yerevan - Echmiadzin - Gayane Temple - Hripsime Temple - Zvartnots - Yerevan

Breakfast at the hotel. A trip to Echmiadzin (Vagharshapat) - the ancient capital of Armenia. From the 4th century to the present, it is the largest religious center, the permanent residence of the head of the Armenian church - the Catholicos. Echmiadzin Cathedral is the center of the Armenian Apostolic Church, was founded in 301. Gregory the Illuminator. Later it was rebuilt, completed, and now it is a complex including the Cathedral, Theological Academy, the Residence of the Catholicos of All Armenians, the Synod of the Armenian Church, and the library. The museum of the cathedral, located behind the altar, contains: a collection of decorative and applied arts related to the liturgy, objects made of gold, silver, precious stones, jewelry, a huge silver cauldron for making peace and the legendary "holy spear". Visit to the church of st. Hripsime (7th century AD). A trip to one of the architectural wonders of Armenia Zvartnots temple (641-661 AD) or the temple of the Vigil Forces, which got its name from the word "zvart", which in Armenian means "joyfully beautiful." This is a three-story building in the past, supported by massive columns with images of eagles, decorated with carved vines, pomegranate branches, pamettas and acapras. The remaining ruins give an idea of ​​the rare beauty of this temple. The temple is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site (2000). Return to Yerevan. Opportunity on the eve of the Nativity of Christ in the evening in the church to take part in the Liturgy of Christmas Eve, during which parishioners light candles and bring them home to bless the house. This rite symbolizes the divine light of the Star of Bethlehem, which showed the way to the Magi to Baby Jesus, and the blessing of the church. Overnight in Yerevan

01/06. 8 day. Yerevan - Khor Virap - Noravank - Yerevan (Christmas Eve)

Breakfast at the hotel. A trip to the Ararat Valley to the Khor Virap church. From here a unique panorama opens to the beautiful biblical mountain Ararat sparkling with snow-white peaks. Deep under the church is a sacred place: here in the dungeon in prison, Gregory the Illuminator spent 13 years on the orders of Tsar Trdat for spreading Christianity in Armenia. After his liberation in 301, Gregory the Illuminator consecrated the Armenian people, and Christianity was adopted in Armenia as the state religion. At the place where Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned, the Khor Virap church was built, which became a holy place for the whole Christian world, and Gregory the Illuminator was elevated to the face of saints and is considered the founder of the Armenian Apostolic Church. The church has preserved the entrance to the dungeon, so it is possible to go down the stairs and inspect the place of confinement. Not far from the church are the ruins of the ancient capital of Armenia, Artashat, which is one of the few ancient cities built according to a special project. The author of the city plan was the commander of ancient Carthage Hannibal, who fled to Armenia after losing the war with Rome. A trip to the village of Areni - the cradle of winemaking. A trip to the monastery complex Noravank (XIII-XV centuries), which is an outstanding monument of medieval architecture and a major religious and cultural center. Situated among bizarre steep red rocks on a ledge of a winding gorge, it is an unusual sight in its beauty. The most ancient monument of Noravank is the Surb Karapet church (IX - X century). To the north of it in the XIII century. the main temple of the monastery was erected, also dedicated to this saint. His sculptor and architect was the famous talented architect Momik. To the north of the main temple is the tomb of the Orbelian clan. The temple is decorated with images of the Mother of God with the baby, God the father, the crucifixion of Christ, as well as a large number of cross-stones openwork. The nearby church of Surb Astvatsatsin (Our Lady) is a highly artistic monument of memorial significance. The first floor served as a tomb, the second - a memorial church. The western facade of the building is especially beautiful, decorated with cantilevered stairs leading to the second floor. Return to Yerevan.

Transfer to the airport and departure. (desired departure time is after 19:30)

Package price per person when staying in a DBL / TWIN room:

in a 3 * hotel - $ 635;

in a 4 * hotel - $ 800;

in a 5 * hotel - $ 1095;

Package price per person when staying in an SNGL room:

in a 3 * hotel - $ 810;

in a 4 * hotel - $ 1140;

in a 5 * hotel - $ 1595;

The package price includes:

• Accommodation in hotels with breakfast;

• Master classes according to the program;

• Wine tasting in Tbilisi;

• Services of English-speaking guide;

• Entrance tickets for the cable car to Tbilisi and Bakuriani (1 trip)

• Great mood.

Additionally paid:


Early check-in / late check-in / out

New Year's dinner and catering

Additional excursion program

Ski equipment rental.