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Individual tours

WINE TOUR IN WESTERN GEORGIA (5 days/4 night) / Price - от 345 $

Tour Date: every Monday and Wednesday
1 day. Meeting at the airport of Kutaisi. Transfer to the hotel. Kutaisi tour.
Meeting at the Airport (nameplate GEOMANDARIN), transfer to the hotel. Population.
Have you heard the name Colchis and want to know this story? You will see the unique monastery complexes included in the UNESCO World Heritage List: Bagrat Temple - one of the oldest Georgian churches in Kutaisi, Gelati Monastery - the spiritual center of all Georgia with the Gelati Academy - the center of advanced science of the Middle Ages and Motsametu - the most beautiful monastery in Georgia! Return to Kutaisi. Overnight in Kutaisi.

2 day. Acquaintance with winemakers Shukri Nakashidze and Gayoz Sopromadze.
Today you will go to family wingers in the village of Baghdati.
The first stop we will make in the house of Gayoz Sopromadze is a real Georgian man, with a large Imereti heart, who loves the culture and lifestyle of his country. This is reflected in the manner in which he makes his wine - with passion and in Georgian traditions. You will never forget his house and his winery. His wines are known all over the world and all the books in the world that describe Georgian wines mention Mr. Sopromadze. He has won many European and international wine competitions and he exports his products to Italy, France, the UK and Japan. The white wine of Mr. Sopromadze, tsolikauri, will change your attitude to this drink. It has a rich and deep aroma. The grapes from which wine is made are grown without any chemicals. The wine matures in clay vessels (qvevri), where it undergoes natural filtration. This makes its aroma so strong that after opening the bottle it disperses throughout the room. When the wine is ready, Mr. Sopromadze's guests gather around a small table in the same basement where he produces wine to taste his incredible tsolikauri and otshanuri sapper. In addition, you can try delicious homemade dishes, for example, khachapuri, barbecue and salads prepared by his 80-year-old mother (lunch is paid extra).
In the village of Baghdadi there is a mini-cluster of winemakers. And then we will go to Shukri Nakashidze, which produces delicious homemade wines, cognac and liquor. Mr. Nakashidze is a connoisseur of good Georgian alcohol. He owns an entesa (a special kind of local or regional wine store that was created in Italy) with a collection of all sorts of wine and brandy bottles made in Georgia in the 80s. In addition, in his house, you can find an impressive museum of weapons. Many museums in the world can only dream of exhibits belonging to the collection of Mr. Nakashidze. You can admire the Roman gladius (which was found in the Baghdadi region), the first Georgian weapon - Machachela, objects that were used during the Second World War and many other exhibits. While visiting this museum you can enjoy some types of cognac and liquor. Then Mr. Nakashidze will lead you to the place where his wines mature, and you can taste them directly from qvevri.
Return to Kutaisi. Overnight in Kutaisi.

3 day. Winemaking of the Barbikhadze family in Rupoti
Today we will visit the large, cozy house of Zhora and Temuri Barbikhadze in a picturesque village. Their family grows grapes, sells its seedlings, and has been producing wine for several generations. Wine that matures in bottles and qvevri (pottery) is sold throughout the country. Barbikhadze - these are amazing people who are known on traditions; they love to receive guests, always greet them with typical Imereti hospitality. This is the place where wine never ends; even drinking horns have at least 1 liter capacity. You will taste wine and homemade food, chat with the hosts and spend a perfect quiet day in nature. You will notice that everything they do, they do with love and passion for wine and people.
 Return to Kutaisi. Overnight in Kutaisi.

4 day. Martville Canyon, Archeopolis and Prometheus Cave

Breakfast. Today you will go to the wonderful world of canyons and caves of Georgia. Our tour begins with a visit to the Martville Canyons. Martvili Canyon over the past couple of years has become very popular among tourists. Interesting in this area is a fascinating kilometer canyon with a waterfall and recent finds of paleontologists. According to official figures, here found traces of the primitive man and prehistoric animals that lived on the earth 73 million years ago, as well as surviving traces of dinosaurs and their petrified skeletons. After we will visit Archeopolis - a fortified city in Western Georgia. Next, we will go to the unique Cave of Prometheus - the legend says that somewhere in this area the angry gods chained the young man to the rock for transferring divine fire to people. Over the years, every traveler passing by has seen all the torment of a rebellious young man named Prometheus. In honor of him, former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili named this karst cave in 2010 in honor of Prometheus. Overnight in Kutaisi.

5 day. Transfer to Kutaisi Airport. Departure
Breakfast. Airport transfer. Departure

2-3 people
Package price per person when staying in a DBL / TWIN room:
in a hotel 2 * + - $ 480
in a 3 * hotel - $ 500
in a hotel 4 * —570 $

Package price per person when staying in an SNGL room:
at the hotel 2 * + - 550 $;
in a 3 * hotel - $ 590;
in a 4 * hotel - $ 710

4-5 people
Package price per person when staying in a DBL / TWIN room:
at the hotel 2 * + —405 $
in a 3 * hotel - $ 425
in a 4 * hotel - $ 500

Package price per person when staying in an SNGL room:
at the hotel 2 * + - $ 480;
in a 3 * hotel - $ 500;
in a hotel 4 * - 640 $

6 people
Package price per person when staying in a DBL / TWIN room:
in a hotel 2 * + - $ 345
in a 3 * hotel - $ 365
in a 4 * hotel - $ 435

Package price per person when staying in an SNGL room:
at the hotel 2 * + - $ 415;
in a 3 * hotel - $ 435;
in the hotel 4 * —575 $

The package price includes:
• Accommodation in hotels with breakfast;
• 3 wine tastings in family wineries
• Lunch at the Barbikhadze family
• Comfortable transport;
• Guide services;
• All entrance fees

Additionally paid:
• Flight
• Early check-in / late check-in / out of the hotel
• Organization of additional food
• Additional excursion program
• Sim cards of local mobile operators (upon request, issued upon arrival in Kutaisi)